Consultation of Investment in Health Promotion (CIHP)


The Consultation of Investment in Health Promotion (CIHP) is an institution of accumulated expertise in public health, community development and the social sciences in Vietnam. The institute is experienced in developing tailor-made training curricula and has conducted training in social and health-related topics, including gender, rights, sexuality and reproductive and sexual health. Training packages are generally delivered in Vietnamese, but they have held workshops on sexuality in English in the past.

p>The institution also manages several ongoing projects, one being Online Counselling on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and sexual health. The Ford Foundation has funded a project to develop 'An Integrated Model for Responding to Gender-based violence in Clinic and Community Settings'. The goal is to contribute to social justice and women's health and well being in Vietnamese communities by engaging health staff and local organizations in developing and testing interventions to raise community awareness and identifying and providing support to victims of gender-based violence.

The CIHP is linked to the Centre for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP), whihc promotes equality, diversity and health for all in society through a multi-disciplinary approach to action research, advocacy and intervention. The CCIHP focuses on issues relating to gender, sexuality and rights.

Institution type: 
Non-government organization
Viet Nam