The Paulo Longo Research Initiative


The Paulo Longo Research Initiative (PLRI) is a collaboration of scholars, policy analysts and sex workers. Its aims are to develop and consolidate ethical, interdisciplinary scholarship on sex work to encourage policy that helps improve the lives of men, women and transgenders who sell or buy sex. The PLRI's founding partners include the Institute of Development Studies, the Centre for Advocacy on Stigma and Marginalisation, the Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine of Monash University Medical School, and the Global Network of Sex Work Projects.

Established in 2008 the PLRI brings together institutions and people that are committed to human rights and social justice and who have made significant contributions to the study of public health, gender, sexuality, development economics, migration, ethics and human rights in the context of sex work. Although the founding partners are mainly concerned with developing countries the PLRI will have a global focus that also recognises important issues and debates around sex work in North America and Europe.

The idea for the PLRI arose among activists, policy advocates and academics who were frustrated by the quality of information available on sex work. The PLRI aims to address this issue and others by gathering together institutions and people to review existing research and policy on sex work, conduct rigorous multidisciplinary research and strategically communicate findings.

Institution type: 
Research network